Vegetable Preserves

We are the sole distributors on the UK market of KRAKUS branded bottled vegetables, jams, fruits in syrup, as well as ready made fresh ingredient soups such as the typical Polish “Zurek” and “Barszcz Czerwony”- Red Borscht. KRAKUS brand emerged over 50 years ago as an international trademark – offering products of the highest quality. It is very well known to consumers in Great Britain, Australia, USA and Canada. They are semi-processed foods indispensable in the preparation of nutritious and healthy meals, easy to use and very handy in any kitchen. Foods such as pickles are prepared according to old traditional recipes, and without doubt all KRAKUS products are prepared that way.

Cucumbers in Brine
6 x 840g

P/Dill Cucumbers
6 x 865g, 6 x 670g 12, x 490g

6 x 900g, 12 x 490g

Sauerkraut with Carrot
6 x 900g

Red Cabbage Salad
12 x 460g

Pickled Baby Beetroot
12 x 460g

Mixed Vegetable Salad
12 x 460g

Hungarian Style Salad
12 x 460g

6 x 500g

10 x 180g