Offering you Poland's finest and natural products since 1939

Anglo-Dal Limited is a private trading company established before the Second World War. During the period of over 75 years we have built extensive trade relations with various Polish partners and UK customers. We are now the leading specialist in successful business development between Poland and Great Britain covering a range of food and confectionery lines. We are active with other European and Middle East countries.

We aim to offer the highest quality products throughout our range and to develop a trade relationship which has mutual benefit to all involved. Our overall success is a result of a profound knowledge of markets combined with experienced and friendly staff. We are dedicated to providing very high quality products to meet today’s specific market requirements and demands. We offer long term commitment to our partners and satisfaction to our clients. By doing so, we show positive attitude which is the foundation of our relationship with suppliers and customers.

Our range includes KRAKUS vegetable and fruit preserves, Sesame Snaps, Peanut Snaps, confectionery and other products.